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Wooden Ducks & Decorative Ducks are a great home decor or office decor accessory. We offer the largest collection of hand carved wooden ducks and waterfowl carvings available inlcuding mallard ducks, wood ducks, ruddy ducks, pintail ducks and a variety of other decorative ducks and duck decoys. Also be sure to see all of our ceramic animals including ducks, ceramic cows, cermic sheep and other.   Our wildlife wood carving selection is among the finest and largest of wood carving sculpture available.  We offer uniquely designed hand carved wood ducks, waterfowl, and birds as well as fish wood carvings. Each of our wood carvings are 100% hard wood made in America. We also offer a line of carvings cast from alabaster & pecan wood chips. Each piece of art is designed by some of the America's best known nature sculpture artists like Ken White, Bob Guge, and John Gewerth. Our wood carvings are guaranteed to be of unsurpassed quality and workmanship. Each wood carving is shipped direct from the artist to your door.

Darby Ducks
DCUK Ducks
This Darby Ducks have been one of our most home décor and gift giving carvings.
  Waterfowl & Ducks
Waterfowl & Ducks
Each of these carvings started with a hand carved original by some of America's greatest carvers. Some of hand carved and some are precision cast from polywood materials. Each is hand painted.
  Miniature Waterfowl
Miniature Waterfowl
These miniature versions of our waterfowl fits just about any budget a fits in more confined places. Just like the full version each starts as a hand carved masterpiece and cast in polywood and hand painted.
Wall Mounts & Lamps
Wall Mounts & Lamps
Hunters and collectors alike will find these trophy type pieces and excellent addition to your home or office.
  Swan Wood Carvings
Swan Decoy
What home or office doesn't look great with swan wood carving sitting on a floor or a shelf? Unbelievable detail in each of these carvings are fantastic!
  Geese Wood Carvings
Great selection of authentic goose carvings - Made in America
Wooden Bird
Wooden Bird, Wood Bird, Wooden Birds
Wooden Bird carvings from one of America's finest carvers are mutinously carved and hand painted. Many are life size and some are miniature versions. Each piece is a true masterpiece.

Also be sure to check our our imported "DCUK" duck wood carvings; these inexpensive whimsical wood carved ducks make great inexpensive home decor gift items. Also be sure to see our wall mounted wood carvings and lamps as well as our collection of geese, loons and upland birds including wood carved pheasants, grouse, woodcock, heron, owl, and other birds.